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No 🐮💩. Just Results. Check Out Our Online Coaching! 📋
No 🐮💩. Just Results. Check Out Our Online Coaching! 📋

About Us

HI, I'M ASH...

Managing Director of APH Science. I have had a passion for fitness since a very young age and i was always involved in sport in school, university and recreationally. I began training in gyms and became a qualified personal trainer then later on went to university to study Sports Science and Nutrition. It is my ultimate goal to provide a service that no one else can.

I have a no nonsense approach and wont ever charge ridiculous prices for my products, i have always had a passion for people rather than money. We aim to provide the best service possible to our clients and my person centered approach is key to my success. I speak to every client individually to assess their needs and goals in order to match them with the right product.

Join us and me on this journey and I will guarantee results or your money back!!



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