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No 🐮💩. Just Results. Check Out Our Online Coaching! 📋
No 🐮💩. Just Results. Check Out Our Online Coaching! 📋

8 Week Bikini Body


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Need your bikini bod ready for summer? Need to see results pronto? The 8 Week Bikini Bod Plan is the one for you. This challenging plan is made up of intensive workouts designed to burn the most fat and tone muscles throughout the body.



Your nutrition has been carefully planned for a balanced and healthy diet, whilst maintaining a calorie deficit each day... this is, ultimately, what will get you the results you want to see. If you don't like something, give us a shout and we'll swap it out for you. 



Workouts are designed to optimise fat burning quickly while enjoying good food and fun training sessions. You CAN'T fail with this fool proof plan.